Sushi Cat Toy - California Roll

Did you know that all cats love sushi? This delicious California roll is a classic.

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  • 100% sheep's wool and natural, Azo-free dyes
  • Tightly felted wool acts as a natural floss that cleans your kitty's pearly whites
  • Infused with premium organic catnip
  • Made in Nepal by a Fair Trade group that provides employment for Nepali women and sustains the ancient technique of felting
  • 3" L x 2" W

Wiping with a wet cloth will remove most stains. If the item needs to be thoroughly cleaned, handwash it in lukewarm water with plain soap, then wring it out and leave it to dry.

Products you can feel good about.

The Foggy Dog proudly handcrafts our products in the USA, working with skilled craftspeople who are paid fair wages. Wherever possible we use recycled materials, low-waste manufacturing, and natural fabrics to create products you can be proud to have in your home. And of course, every order helps a shelter pup in need.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emily Yamamoto
Furry niece loves them, but...

I purchased the trio of sushi as a gift for two different people in my life. While they are ADORABLE, this particular piece only lasted a day before the “seaweed paper” “dissolved.” I highly recommend the others in the group, but I would definitely pass on this one. Photo: one day after arrival.

Cat toys accepted by the one who counts

My cat only plays with toys that interest him, and will only run after ones that have some other characteristics that remain secret. Wool is interesting and chase-worthy. He loved the sushi cat toys and chases them around, chews and kicks at them. If your cat eats pieces of fuzz, maybe stay away from these- the wool does pull off and if swallowed, could form obstructions in some cats. Otherwise, these are great and are interesting to you-know-who.

Great fun for the cats

The cats love these toys. Hours of fun for them.

Amber Matthews
Cat Loves It!

It’s so cute and the material is great, my cat played with it right away! I randomly find it around the house.

Grace Gliva
So beautiful they were desk toys for a week!

I hope you find this review as flattering and funny as you do instructive. I sent a couple of these sushi toys to a friend as a gift, and she thought they were so cute that she reasoned they were little desk decorations! It wasn't until I got in touch with her a week later and explained what they were that she allowed the cat to play with them. (She did confess that her cat had knocked them on the ground earlier, but she quickly scooped them back up, not yet understanding!) I don't know how these come packaged, and please forgive me if my friend was simply unobservant, but based on what happened, my suggestion would be to add something that makes it clear what the product is (I imagine this could be sneakily/efficiently done by providing care instructions, highlighting your other products, or just some info about the company). After I spoke with my friend, she sent me a long video of her cat playing with these, clearly bringing joy to both humans and animal alike. Thanks so much for a wonderful product that accomplishes its goal of being beautiful and functional. (And by the way, I was only compelled to write this review because you said in the email that they're very important and that you read every one, so that's working, too!) (I hope it's true!)

Dog Bed Fill Options

  • No Insert (Cover Only)

    Buy just the cover and fill it with old pillows, towels, sheets or clothes. An easy and eco-friendly way to upcycle old linens that's especially popular for pets with anxiety issues because they find your scent calming.

  • Eco-friendly Recycled Fill

    Eco-friendly fiberfill is spun from plastic bottles destined for landfill. Made with extra loft to stay comfy for years, and channeled to prevent fill from clumping. Water resistant liner helps guard against accidents.

  • Shredded Memory Foam

    Our most luxe fill for the pup who likes to relax in ultimate comfort. Shredded memory foam fill eliminates pressure points for cloud-like support. Water resistant liner helps guard against accidents.

Every Order Feeds a Shelter Dog

Not every pet is lucky enough to have a family to call its own. Every purchase from The Foggy Dog donates half a pound of food to rescue shelters across America. Thank you for helping us help them!

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