Adopt A Dog Month 2022

October is Adopt A 🐶 Month! Not every pup is blessed with loving paw-rents like you. That’s why for every order placed, we provide one pound of food to rescue shelters across America. Since 2019, you’ve helped us give over 215,000 pounds of food to animals in need!

We asked our IG community to share stories about their adopted besties. Meet them here:


Watson was rescued from MSRPAC (the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center) in southern California. He’s so polite that he’ll ask for permission to pick up something he thinks is a toy (like a pillow). He does this by bringing it to you and looking at you and will never pick it up again if you tell him it's not a toy 🥲 He also loves to paddle board and gets very excited when he sees ducks and other dogs nearby 🦆 Not only is Watson a paddle boarder, but he's also a track star. He loves to be chased and will make his paw-rents run in circles around the couch 🏃‍♀️ 


Follow Watson here: @wisdom.and.wags



Koda is a Husky/Cattle Dog Mix adopted from Safe Hands Rescue. He travelled over from Arkansas with his Mom, Zena and his brother! Koda’s favorite food is pumpkin puree and he runs over whenever he hears the can open 🎃 He also believes that sticks are a superior toy - whether he finds them in the yard or steals full logs from his Grandpa’s woodpile - they all make for a fun chew toy 🪵 His favorite thing to do is spending time with his hoomans on the deck or out at their favorite brewery 🍻

Follow Koda here: @Koda.bear.mpls


Turtle’s mom was abandoned when she was pregnant. Luckily a shelter took her in and found homes for all of her puppies! His pawrents adopted him from Peyton’s Safe Haven in New York and when they did a DNA test they found out Turtle is 100% Australian shepherd 🐶  He is now 2.5 years old and despite his breed, he’s a total couch 🥔 and the best work-from-home companion! He loves watching birds but is scared of cats 🙀

Follow Turtle here: @Turtletheaussie


Dumpling, a Pit and St. Bernard mix, was found as a stray by the Carson Animal Shelter. She is now 5 years old and loves to play tug with her furbrother, Marvin 🐾 She is a huge house hippo 🦛 who is protective of the house when strangers are there, but the biggest love bug with her family 🥰 

Follow Dumpling here: @Dumpling.the.pitbull

We love hearing all your beautiful stories about these incredible pups. Thanks for reading and helping us help them ❤️

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