Halloween Costume Ideas 2023

Halloween Costume Ideas 2023

Are you ready for Howl-o-ween? These six creative costumes from brand ambassadors @frenchie.named.moose, @talesofbobadoodle, @Make.time.for.fika, and @avaandameliadoodles will have your pup looking fur-ociously adorable đŸŽƒđŸ‘»Â Read on to find out where to shop these Halloween looks!

Look 1: Witch

@frenchie.named.moose is casting all of the spells in this brew-tiful look featuring the Bewitched Bandana with artwork by Shelby Warwood đŸ§č✹ Shop the full Bewitched collection here.

Accessories include: Felt witch hat + Tiny cauldron + Pumpkins for decor.

Look 2: Wednesday Adams

Need a hand?đŸ‘‹đŸ–€ @talesofbobadoodle is the talk of the town in this spooky costume featuring our Houndstooth Flannel Lady Bow Collar. Shop the full Houndstooth collection here.

Accessories include: Hand + Wig and Necklace + Black dress

Look 3: Scarecrows

Oh HAY there @make.time.for.fika! These pups are definitely outstanding in their field 🍂😉 They are rocking our Looking Gourd Bandana. Shop the rest of Looking Gourd here.

Accessories include: Scarecrow headband + Leg cuffs

Look 4: Pirate

Moose is stealing hearts this Halloween. What a work of ARRRt! He's wearing our Burgundy Velvet Lady Bow Collar. Shop all Burgundy Velvet here.

Accessories include: Pirate Headband + Lace Collar + Pirate Treasure Chest + Pirate Coins

Look 5: Park Rangers

To summit up, this look is paw-fect for all of the outdoorsy pups like @avaandameliadoodles. They are wearing our Flax Lines Bandana. Shop all Flax Lines here.

Accessories include: Backpacks + Yellow stone sign #1 + Yellow stone sign #2 + Yellow Stone Sign #3

Look 6: Farmer

Yeehaw! Here's one extra costume look from Moose. He's the sweetest little farmer you ever did see. He's wearing our Cornucopia Bandana. Shop all Cornucopia here.

Accessories include: Hat from full Woody Costume + Similar hat

Thanks for reading! Now it’s time to go get spooky đŸ‘»

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