Happy 🐶 Mom's Day!

Have we ever told you that our pup-stomers are the best, the funniest, and the most photogenic? In celebration of this Dog Mom's Day, we want to introduce you to three of our favorite pups and their mamas:

Meet Murphy and Mom Lauren

Two-year-old Murphy is 90% Australian Shepherd and 10% wiggle worm. Murphy's infectious energy, aka her wiggles, will always be on full display on off-leash walks and cross-country skiing in Lake Tahoe. According to Mom Lauren, Murphy's playful and mischievous side is evident when she pretends to favor her dad - since her true loyalty lies with Mama.

A bond built on adventures, love, and plenty of butt scratches. 💕

Follow Murphy and her Mama at @murphythelady.

Meet Lola and Mom Jyo 

Meet Lola, budding fashionista and "Retriever of Stones", from San Jose, CA. Lola loves collecting stones from the yard and hiding them around the house, Mom Jyo jokes that it's her “precious stones collection”! 

Her favorite ways to get spoiled are receiving homemade treats and snuggling in bed with her parents. When not at home, the duo enjoys visiting the beach, hiking, or taking a paw-cation. 🐾

Follow Lola and her Mom at @ourlovinglola

Meet Truffles and Mom Yennie

Introducing Truffles, an charming 2-year-old English Goldendoodle from Washington, DC, who loves going on adventures with his mom Yennie. They've already explored 34 states and 15 national parks, an adventurous duo in other words! When not traveling, Mom loves to bake him homemade treats with cute cookie-cutter shapes. 

Funniest thing Truffle does according to his mama? He has a habit of burping unexpectedly! 🐶

Follow Yennie and Truffles adventures at @its.truffles

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