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We often get asked what we look for when deciding on Brand Ambassadors. We are not only looking for accounts with highly engaged audiences, but also on-brand photography that is consistently well lit, clear, and showcases our products nicely. Here are a few examples of Brand Ambassador photos that we have loved and reposted.


This photo featuring Bunny and Clyde in our Playa and Inky Blooms Dog Bandanas is a great example of what we look for in Brand Ambassador content! The pups are smiling, showing off the product clearly, and the photo is bright and light. A+ from us!


This photo depicts our Fall 2020 bandanas (Pumpkin Spice and Valencia Natural) in a beautiful way. The Background is simple, yet adorable and all of the pups look very happy to be wearing our products.


Here we have one of our all-time favorite photos of Orbit. Orbit's account continues to impress us with their high photo quality and creative content ideas. This photo is really spot on. Very light, simple, shows the products perfectly, and has a very simplistic background.


One of the things we love to see most is creativity with your posts. Feel free to show you and your pup's personality with fun props and cute backgrounds! Oski always does an awesome job with this in all of his posts!


This photo of sweet Mars in the Liberty Bandana is extremely high quality, clear, and bright. We love that it is shot in a more urban setting, as we find that to be more on-brand for us than grass or dirt! 


Murphy the lady and her pawrents do an amazing job showcasing our products in their photos. The photos are always bright, clear, and have beautiful backgrounds. Bonus points for showing a leash, since that is another product we need more photos of!

Takeaway Tips:

  • Shoot your images in bright and light places
  • Show your pup's personality!
  • Get creative!
  • Make sure you are showing the product well
  • Simple and light backgrounds are the way to go
  • Urban settings like streets, doors, bricks are preferred over grass or dirt backgrounds
  • We need more high quality images of beds, collars, toys, and leashes