Small Business Saturday 2023 🛍️🐶

For Dog Moms, by Dog Moms

Happy Small Business Saturday! We want to introduce you to our small but mighty team and our favorite Foggy Dog picks for our own pups. Keep reading for a peek at our SF office and meet our team (both human and four-legged!) 💗

A Little More About The Foggy Dog:

Our team is based in beautiful (and foggy) San Francisco, CA 🌁 Our SF team loves going into the office twice a week in our light and bright office located in the heart of the Mission District. 

Our office space is a renovated warehouse, where we have a new sample wall displaying a mix of our products, an open concept desk area, a conference room for important team meetings, and a kitchen fully stocked with Costco snacks at all times 😎

Here are some photos of our sample wall & front sitting area:

Dog Moms & Their Top Picks:

Jenna & Pepper

Position: Site Merchandise Coordinator

Breed: Mini Goldendoodle

Fun Fact: Named after a red bell pepper because of her spicy personality.

Foggy Dog Favs: 


Vanessa, Sam, and Moose

Position: Customer Service Associate

Breed: Doodle & poodle

Fun Fact: Moose's nickname is “velcro” because he loves cuddling

Foggy Dog Favs:


Jasmina & Koda

Position: Social Media and Community Manager

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Fun Fact: Koda is obsessed with playing with pinecones—a.k.a. nature’s ball.

Foggy Dog Favs:


Rose & Utah

Position: Founder 

Breed: Mini Goldendoodle

Fun Fact: He will do anything for peanut butter and carrots—like pose for this photo.

Foggy Dog Favs:


Amanda & Moose

Position: Marketing Intern

Breed: French Bulldog

Fun Fact: Moose really knows how to have a good time; one of his tricks is jumping onto our porch swing and swinging by himself!

Foggy Dog Favs:

Katie & Penny

Position: Art Director

Breed: French Bulldog

Fun Fact: Penny loves to give high fives and will paw at you incessantly for belly rubs

Foggy Dog Favs:

Stephanie, Doug, & Toby

Position: Wholesale Sales Director

Breed: Goldendoodles

Fun Fact: Our boys are our neighborhood greeters (or watchmen, if there are other dogs walking by). Anytime we meet someone new in our neighborhood we tell them "we're the house on X street with the dogs always in the window," and they immediately know which house is ours!

Foggy Dog Favs:

Allison - Toby & Penny


Position:  Wholesale Coordinator

Breed: Toby the cat: American Shorthair (we think) & Penny the pup: Lakeland Terrier/Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix

Fun Facts:

Toby has many nicknames, Toblerone, Tochi, Justice Paws, but his favorite is his duo name with his sister, Penny - Penne and Rigatobi 🍝

Penny is the tattle "tail" in our house. If the cat is somewhere he's not supposed to be, Penny tells us right away!

Foggy Dog Favs:

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